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Secure Courier Service
Your packages will remain secure and protected during delivery by
courier service . At 
everything we deliver is carried directly on the ( Rider’s ) 
 body inside a specially customized courier backpack.  Our variety of unique packs offer such things as; waterproof, lockable, hard- shell casing and soft shell, along with customizable backpacks to carry irregular shaped or un-packaged items.
We have the ability to secure and protect your everyday items as well as your high security items from prying eyes or invasion, while maintaining constant physical, visual and tracking capabilities. We utilize security tags that are numbered and traceable, to prevent opening our packs en-route,  as well as verification upon delivery, that your items have not been tampered with.
Multiple Uses
Legal Institutions
:  Our service is great for transporting legal paperwork for attorneys to clients or to the courthouse for filing.
:  We can deliver medications or files for hospitals to patients at their doorstep or from facility to facility.
:  We can pick up and deliver your secure paperwork, receipts, supplies, etc.
Commercial Companies
: Do you have paperwork that needs to go to the Tag Agency? An item delivered to a customers home?  A special order that needs to be picked up from another store or location?
:  Lost luggage needing to be delivered to a hotel or customer?
:  Do you need an item picked up from store and delivered,  or even something returned?  Did your wife's special cosmetic order arrive and she can't wait to get it?
Your package is delivered on a dedicated run in which the driver goes from pickup location to drop off point  with
(no other deliveries
in between. If our security tag feature is utilized, the security tag numbers can be verified from the originator, before being cut off at the drop off location.
Contact us to learn more about our package delivery.